Team building is the best way to build a strong and supportive team.  A good team building can enhance communication, build stronger relations between coworkers and team leaders or help you be more creative and think in a new way. We know it is something any group will benefit from. We have a variety of team building programs that will help you reach your goals. Feel free to reach out and ask us about our offer. 


When we plan an outdoor event we always try not just to put out a few unrelated attractions, but to create a cohesive world of wonder that will wow your guests. We try to think about the inner child in every one of us and we want to appeal to this side. We are great at telling stories with our events – and we will do just that with your picnic or outdoor off-site event.  


From visiting illegal casinos in the 1920s to entering the jungle and through magic of slavic traditions to travelling all around the world – we will come up with whatever your imagination requires. Venture with us to the past or visit the future, go through the looking glass with Alice or enter Narnia through the wardrobe. All is possible, when you work with our imagination! For you we will create a cohesive vision at the venue of choice. This will be a night to remember!


Our city and field team building games are not just scavenger hunts – they are movie-like original adventure scenarios. The goal is to have fun, but also make you work together as a team – whether you are looking for a pirate treasure, playing spy games or looking for a murderer. We hire professional actors, come up with original and immersive scripts for the games and we make sure the adventure is unforgettable. Whether you want to promote a product, enhance your teamwork or hire new talents – we will tailor our games to meet your goals! 


Organizing events for more than a decade has led us all around the country – from the lakes of Mazury to the middle of Tatra mountains. We also organized events in all major Polish and many European cities. We always work with our original ideas, but it’s of course only a part of our broad offer. We will help you plan the entire trip from the moment you set foot outside of your company premises to the moment you get back home – we have an impressive database of attractions, hotels, transpot companies etc. You just relax – let us worry about everything!


We have experience organizing movie premieres, special guerilla marketing campaigns, city games open to public or aimed at tourists as well as promotional picnics, silent discos and online interactive short videos. You have goals – we have ideas to help you reach them! Let’s work together! 


When the pandemic hit, we have put all our efforts to leverage our experience and create fantastic online team building programs. So far, we have organized more then 50 different programs – from improv workshops to online quizzes and team building games. Online events can be a lot of fun – and we’ve got a proof of that! Just ask us about it. 

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